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Innovating since 1990
More than 30 years of progress
Full speed ahead for over three decades
Cimag ® next to the man in the field.
Our story
Cimag was founded by a Dias family from the state of São Paulo in 1990 in the city of Matão, in the interior of São Paulo. Considered one of the oldest industrial companies in its field, Cimag started by manufacturing and selling replacement parts for agricultural machinery – an important advance to aid the migration to sprayers and other agricultural implements in the 20th century.

With the growth of the business, the company had to change its address in 1994, in the same city, starting the production of agricultural sprayers. In 1998, therefore, 8 years after its foundation, Cimag produced its first sprayer.

Due to the rapid growth of its production, the company moved to a new space in 2001, where it remained until 2005. Also in 2005, a new factory opened, now with enough space for future expansions.

The new building facilitated transport and made the arrival of raw materials and the distribution of products on the market possible, thanks to its proximity to the highway [Rodovia Brigadeiro Faria Lima]. At that time, series production began, mainly of sprayers.

In 2008, there is a new expansion of the factory to start the production of other agricultural machines, such as winches, shovels, platforms, harrows, plows, drills, planers, furrowers, mats, among others.

In 2009, Cimag was already the most popular company among Brazilian farmers and farmers. Its best-known products were sprayers, in addition to the quality of replacement parts.

In 2014, the Cimag Group acquires a disc factory in order to provide a better experience for its customers. The company then proceeded to produce the line of discs, cutting blades, leveling harrow cleaner, plow harrow cleaner, shoot blade and tips.

In 2019, Cimag acquires another company for its group. It is Usinorte®️, which now carries out all the machining. With this new acquisition, a unit is inaugurated in Catanduva (SP), where Usinorte and the new Cimag unit are located.

Also in 2019, there is a new acquisition, now in the gourmet business, with FundiFerro®️ (gastronomic division), also known as JCN®️.

Cimag has ISO 9002 certification and maintains constant security with the control of the acquisition process of materials and inputs, using the Just In Time (JIT) / Kanban concept in its manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Always seeking the best and most modern production and distribution technologies, Cimag is innovating in the customer service market with quality products and prompt delivery throughout Brazil.
A logo inspired by Brazil
Our trademark inspired by the Brazilian flag is recognized around the world. Created over three decades ago, it is the corporate logo used with greater continuity among companies.
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